Photo Credit Jessica Deal in Hyalite Canyon 2019 

"We are all climbing the pitches of  our individual  souls while on our way back home" 


An Adventurous soul with desire and (head over heels) to see and share as much of this world with all of humanity.




A 21 year old climber who has loved the art of climbing since I could first walk. My first climb was when I was five. I climbed a small 10-15 foot cherry tree in yard in Ohio with jumper cables clipped to my belt loops and tree branches, it worked about as well as you can imagine!


The first real rock climbing I did was in Garden of the Gods Park on Buffalo Rock when I was 11 with my dad Herbert Hendricks (1946-2017). This was a very special climb.  

 My dad was an accredited climber with multiple first ascents in Colorado, Utah and even Yosemite. He taught me the ropes in our crabapple trees in Colorado. He would give me butt belays and beta on how to climb safely.


Climbing took off in high school. I joined the climbing team my sophomore  year and went to state competitions in the gym. That same year I met one of  my climbing partners and best friend Matt Smith. He is my brother from another mother. Since meeting Matt we have climbed too many routes to list. 


Right near the end of 2017, I randomly came across Josh Parsens who I had heard of through Matt but never met. He was ice climbing in Section 16 in Colorado Springs and asked if I wanted to take my first ice lap. 


I was forever changed after that experience, ice is freedom. I didn't get to climb any ice again until the winter 2019. I bought tools and crampons and have been starting the process and learning ice climbing technique in Hyalite Canyon, Mt   




Wilderness First Responder (WFR) via NOLS Feb 2-11 2018 
Professional Rock Climbing Guide at Front Range Climbing Company 

A look from behind...

I think most all would agree, THE WORLD IS BEAUTIFUL! Sometimes moments are so intense that a photo can not be taken, however these ones have. 

Currently living and climbing in the surrounding areas of


Jackson Wy

Colorado Springs

Moab Ut


 Coronado HS 2017 Graduate

National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS)

 American Mountain Guide Association (AMGA)


Single Pitch Instructor Course (SPI) 



Personal favorite crags*/spots include



Garden of the Gods* 

South Platte River Areas* 

Rocky Mountain National Park* 

Longs Peak Area* 

Boulder Canyon* 

Vail *






Indian Creek* 

Scarface Wall* 

Handcrack Buttress* 

Cat Wall* 

Technicolor Wall*  

Potash Road* 

Potash Bong Rip 

Static Cling 

30 seconds over Potash 

Arches National Park


Fisher Towers

Ancient Art

Hippie Route (My Dad's FA) 

Stolen Chimney

 Zion National Park

Temple of Sinawava

Jackson WY

Grand Tetons   

Wind River Range


Bozeman, MT 

Hyalite Canyon 






I AM who I AM and that’s who I AM

I climb and work in the name of love and light for all of creation.

I am a lightworker and am helping to bring Mother Earth and all of her creation into the Golden Age.Being a climber life for me has indescribable beauty.

Appreciation for all things is sometimes a hard concept to wrap your head around, but the more open-minded one is the more they will see the truths in and of that I Am you and You Are Me and Together We Are One and The Same.

My animal totems are a Red Tailed Hawk and Bald Eagle or perhaps  a monkey?

Peace and Love



Instagram: @tommyhendricks

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